Shauna Brantley-Tarazonimage (7)

I have spent my entire 43 years in the presence of horses.I grew up on a horse and I believe it had a very positive impact on my life. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful mother that introduced me to horses at a very  young age and always made it possible for me to be with them. My mom took me to all the local pony club  meetings and shows,she made me fantastic costumes so I could ride in parades and we also went on great family trail rides. From her I learned to take care of and  enjoy my animals.

As I got older I took jumping and dressage lessons on a POA that just loved it and I had a great little Appaloosa that excelled in gymkhana games. From them I learned that it’s important to care about what each horse likes to do and have fun with them as a team.I had many friends that had horses and I was very close to them because of our common bond. From them I learned communication skills and how to be a friend. Being with horses taught me important life lessons that affect me everyday.



  • 2009 SJVR Cowboy Challenge Champion
  • 2010 Nor Cal EXCA Pro Champion
  • 2010 Winner of several EXCA Pro Champion Buckles
  • 2011 Winner of several Open Division Champion Buckles with ACTHA 2011 America’s Favorite Trail Horse Contestant, HDTV
  • 2012 Hooves & Irons EXCA Pro Buckle Winner
  • 2012 1st Place in Non-QH Trail Course Finals and 8th place Overall 2013 AHCA Pro Buckle Winner